Corona-Virus: business support

The hardship aid from ILB supports companies that are in need as a result of the corona pandemic, in special individual cases. They are aimed specifically at those companies where the existing corona aid from the federal, state and local governments does not work, for example the bridging aid, the November aid and the December aid. Funding is possible from November 2020 to June 2021. There is no legal entitlement to funding. The application can be submitted from now until September 30, 2021 and is carried out via auditing third parties (tax consultants, auditors, lawyers or sworn accountants) via the website www.haertefallhilfe.de/brandenburg.

Überbrückungshilfe III can be applied for with immediate effect, also for our Brandenburg entrepreneurs at the ILB, by an auditing third party (tax consultant, auditor, sworn accountant and/or lawyer) on behalf of the applicant. The special Corona program is aimed at companies as well as self-employed people and freelancers. The funding period covers the months of January to June 2021

and, in a specific window, also the months of November and December 2020. The ILB provides more information: www.ilb.de/de/corona-novemberhilfe-2020/

The Corona November Aid is here and you can apply for it yourself without a third party checking (e.g. tax advisor). This is possible up to an amount of 5,000 EUR. You can access the application form via the website: https://www.ueberbrueckungshilfe-unternehmen.de
You can find detailed instructions on how to fill out the form on Youtube: https://youtu.be/tAajFMoTIY4

The Federal Government Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration provides current information on the corona virus in 20 languages. These are available at: http://www.integrationsbeauftragte.de/corona-virus

The website www.wir-gruenden-in-deutschland.de offers a complete overview of help for companies in Germany.

The BMAS has created a guide for corona help, which you can access at www.bmas.de/lotse-corona-hilfen

Support is now available for companies that are experiencing acute business difficulties relating to the Corona virus. You can find information on current advisory services and funding opportunities at Wirtschaftsförderung or IHK Potsdam.

Information from the Ministry of Economy, Labor and Energy (MWAE) can be found HERE.

The guidance service for migrants has also compiled further information. You can find them HERE.

The website corona.brandenburg.de bundles information such as questions and answers about the virus, or finding the right contact person - whether it is about day care centers and after-school care or about help for companies.

The spread of the corona virus confronts many companies with emergency plans, short-time work and additional hygienic precautions. In order to ensure that these operational measures are conveyed to employees with a refugee background, bea-Brandenburg has currently set up a free hotline for language mediation (Arabic and Persian) for companies in Brandenburg. You can reach them at 0331 74003214 (Mon-Fri from 10.30 am to 1 pm). You will also find a list of the most important links on the website.

  • infection protection (partly multilingual) that can be given to employees with little knowledge of German as well
  • on the effects on employment and residence law

Coronavirus - Information and links in several languages from the EU workers' equality body